The Riding Simulator “Sir Waldo”


Sir Waldo

Many thanks for all your creative naming proposals – it’s absolutely amazing how many suggestions we got from you! A huge “Thank You” also to the many Ingrid Klimke fans who sent in their ideas!

We have not made it easy for ourselves, but now it is clear! SIR WALDO will be written on the stall plate. Because he is of noble English blood and serves a noble purpose, we decided he needs an “honorific address”, and we love the idea of our home roots here in Walldorf being included as well.


Visit Sir Waldo at the Walldorf Riding Club!

A “digital dream horse” –

What can the riding simulator do?

Since the end of 2019, our black superstar from England is in his beautiful new home in the Walldorf Riding and Racing Club.

In many other sports, it is taken for granted to be able to practice exercises in virtual environments outside of competition. The equestrian sport is now catching up and is taking a big step into the digital training age! The Walldorf Riding Club has become a hotspot for all equestrian enthusiasts, who want to perfect their training or just want to experience the feeling of riding for the first time – irrespective of the often difficult-to-control partner horse.

The sophisticated, sensor-based riding simulator from the market leader Racewood Ltd., with a wide range of analysis possibilities, now allows all riders – beginners and professionals – to train all exercises in the disciplines of dressage, jumping and cross-country riding up to the desired level of difficulty.

This new offer, already successfully established in various locations abroad, is directed at interested parties from all over Germany and beyond. In a new, functional building on the premises of the RRV and accompanied by professional trainers and guest lecturers with in-depth knowledge of anatomy, kinetics and sports education, forward-looking courses are offered: from classic seat training and targeted preparation for riding badges as well as training of single exercises, individual lessons and offers for riders with a handicap, through to specific courses such as fear management and mental training, a wide range of new possibilities opens up, both in individual lessons and in the form of group training and seminars.

SAP SE, the partner of the Riding Club and supporter of the new digital training, will complement the simulator with pioneering technologies that will give the riders new insights and help to optimize the training further.

Ingrid Klimke, SAP brand ambassador and multiple Olympic gold medal winner, supports the project as an advisor in all aspects of digital training.

Susanne Hellmann, first chairwoman of the riding and racing club Walldorf e.V., explains the riding simulator in this video:

The “Sir Waldo” Team

The team around “Sir Waldo” consists of representatives of the Walldorf Riding and Racing Club, the sponsors SAP and MLP, and competent trainers and consultants. Together, we have made it our mission to offer a riding and training experience that is well-founded and tailored to the individual needs of people interested in riding at all levels – whether beginners or ambitious professionals. Important to know: We all work part-time for “Sir Waldo”, and quality is a top priority for us, so this will be no mass operation in Walldorf, but rather a well-founded service, which we will build and develop step by step for you.

We are happy to receive your suggestions and feedback.

You can reach us at:


Sandra Michels

Sandra Michels

Sandra Michels has been a member of the Riding School team in the Walldorf Riding and Racing Club since 2017.

She started riding when she was 9 years old and fell in love with horses. During her riding career, she has successfully shown various horses in jumping up to Level A and in dressage up to Level M.

Sandra is excited to share her longtime experience with you, together with Sir Waldo.

Sheron Adam

Sheron Adam

Sheron herself is familiar with extreme situations from her personal experience. After a riding accident, she evaded paraplegia only through tireless training, a lot of motivation and iron will. Today she is a certified yoga and equestrian trainer, life and motivation coach, and meditation teacher, who creates individualized training plans in private or group sessions based on her in-depth knowledge and a lot of empathy. With Sheron, you can train free from stress and fear, correct riding mistakes, restore concentration, refocus, get physically fit or simply find your own center. In a comfortable and safe atmosphere, the 500h-R certified and AYA-registered trainer takes care of everyone from beginner to advanced.

Walldorf Riding and Racing Club

Susanne Hellmann

Susanne Hellmann

Susanne has been the first chairwoman of the RRV Walldorf since 2012, and started the equestrian simulator project together with Henrike. The further development of equestrian sport with regard to modern training methods and qualified and high-quality riding instruction is an important component for the future of the riding club. Therefore, she acts as a contact person in the club for collaborations with ‘Sir Waldo’. As a long-time dressage and competition rider, she can also incorporate her own experiences from training with live horses in the use of the riding simulator.

Sarah Jardumdzi

Sarah Jardumdzi

30 years young from Heidelberg. Has had equestrian sport as a great hobby for over 10 years.


Henrike Paetz

Henrike Paetz

Henrike is the Head of Equestrian Sponsorships at SAP. In this role, she drives the development and implementation of innovative technologies and cooperations with SAP’s sports partners. With SAP being a key partner of the Walldorf Riding Club, Henrike, together with the SAP Equestrian Team, has been a driving force behind the implementation of the Eventing Simulator and is coordinating its further development. In addition, as a passionate rider and “Trainer C (FN)”, she also partially supports trainings and other activities around “Sir Waldo”.

Martina Dunker

Martina Dunker

In addition to the finances at RVV Walldorf, Martina also takes care of all projects of the sponsor MLP Finanzberatung SE.


In accordance with the current Corona security and hygiene regulations, we are able to send Sir Waldo into the virtual arena (jumping or cross-country course) and he is waiting here for you in his stall. You can look forward to a balanced and reliable horse.

Do you want to work on your seat, get tips on keeping relaxed, get rid of anxiety or practice movements? No matter what is on your mind, our qualified trainer is at your side in the truest sense of the word.

Come by and let yourself be surprised.

Since 17 Nov., BW is under alert level II for the Coronavirus. According to the Corona regulations, the folowing rules must now be applied to training on the riding simulator:

Vaccinated individuals are permitted to use the exercise facilities both outside and indoors within the available capacity. Non-vaccinated individuals are not permitted to participate in training outside or indoors. Under the alert level II, training in enclosed spaces also requires a negative antigen or PCR test (2Gplus). Individuals with a booster vaccine are exempt from the 2Gplus rule. In addition, the following groups of people without a booster vaccine are considered to have equal immunity to that of people with a booster vaccine:

– Vaccinated with completed initial immunization, if no more than 6 months have passed since the last required individual vaccination

– Individuals who can prove that the recovery from their infection is max. 6 months ago

– Students between 6 and 17 years old must show a negative antigen or PCR test during school vacations for entry

Individuals, who participate in regular testing as students in schools are permitted to participate in training, as long as they do not show any symptoms The same applies if entry or participation is only permitted for vaccinated people. As a general rule, the student status must be proven with the appropriate document.

On the grounds of the RRV Walldorf, we follow the appropriate measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

When booking a riding lesson or seminar, you agree to the following hygiene protocol in place at the RRV Walldorf:

  • You must not have visited any SARS-CoV-2 high-risk areas in the last 14 days.
  • People with symptoms of illness are not permitted to enter the grounds. People, who live with others showing symptoms of illness, are also not permitted to enter the grounds.
  • Please contact a doctor if you experience coughing, fever (38° or higher), breathing difficulties, or cold/flu symptoms.
  • Upon entering and leaving the grounds, you must wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly.
  • The general hygiene protocol for the prevention of infection must be obeyed at all times on the grounds and in the SAP Equestrian Experience Center.
  • Upon your arrival, our trainers will no longer greet you with a handshake, but rather with a friendly verbal Hello.
  • All riders must wear their own gloves during the simulator session.
  • Please only bring one accompanying person each. For larger groups, please obtain the approval of the RRV before the start of your session.
  • Visitors/onlookers may gladly wear a mask.

General conditions riding lessons:

  • Weight limitation max. 100 kilos
  • Clean riding clothes and boots or chaps
We are located here:

Walldorf Riding and Racing Club
Am Rennplatz 1
69190 Walldorf

Trial riding lesson
€4030 minutes
  • Private lesson
  • Including introduction and evaluation of seat analysis.
  • Wednesdays 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Saturdays 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • (Alternative appointments can be requested)
  • Appointments via email to
Regular riding lesson
€7560 Minutes
  • Private lesson
  • Including introduction and evaluation of seat analysis.
  • Wednesdays 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Saturdays 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • (Alternative appointments can be requested)
  • Appointments via email to

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Partners & Sponsors

A Strong Network


Reit- und Rennverein Walldorf e.V. (Walldorf Riding Club)

The club is known for its ideal training conditions for dressage, jumping and eventing riders and hosts annual dressage and jumping shows up to the highest levels. The extensive property, with its own racetrack and various cross-country jumps, offers multiple training options for beginners and advanced riders.




Europe’s largest software company is the sponsor and technology partner of the Walldorf Riding Club. The “SAP Equestrian Experience Center” on the club grounds provides exciting insights into the technical opportunities around equestrian sports – including the one-of-a-kind experience with the Simulator.


As sponsor of the Walldorf Riding Club, MLP supports all activities around the Simulator and is available as a consultant for any questions about your individual financial matters.

Follow the link to the exclusive MLP Event with Sir Waldo for MLP clients and any parties interested in becoming MLP clients in the future.
Enter here:

Athletic Consultant

Ingrid Klimke

The multiple Olympic gold medalist consults on the project from an athlete’s point of view and provides her eventing know-how for the digital training. The annual Master Class with the SAP Ambassador and “Riding Master” is one of the many highlights in the busy schedule of the club.

Simulator Manufacturer

Racewood Ltd.

The market leader in sensor-based equestrian simulators has been working with SAP since 2018 – amongst others on the integration of individual cross-country data, for example from CHIO Aachen.

Equipment Providers


Eventing riders enjoy the Simulator experience with an “Ingrid Klimke Jumping and Cross-Country Saddle” from Passier.


3P – The Performance Saddle – combines tradition, passion, and innovation.
You can test both the 3P dressage saddle as well as the 3P jumping saddle on the simulator.


Munich Equestrian Simulator

Since April 2015, the Munich Equestrian Simulator (Reitsimulator München) has allowed beginners and advanced riders to train all motion sequences up to high-level dressage exercises. The locations collaborate in constant exchange to provide optimal training conditions and curricula for all types of riders and disciplines.