Strong Core

A strong torso is the foundation of our body and connects the upper and lower halves of our body. Only by sufficient stability in the torso can arms and legs move optimally. A strong torso is needed in order to avoid an unquiet seat and be able to follow the swinging movement of the horse. These exercises strengthen your core.

Hip Mobility

Only a flexible hip can follow the movement of the horse optimally and adapt to the movements of the horse. The posterior thigh muscles and adductors are needed for the aids. Especially in jumping and eventing, the hip flexor must have a high degree of mobility. These exercises strengthen your hips and adjacent muscles for a more supple seat.

Healthy Back

The spine is held upright and supported by the back muscles from behind and stabilized by the abdominal muscles from the front. An upright posture is essential for a supple seat and for the correct interaction of the aids. These exercises not only strengthen the back muscles, but also improve the stability of the lumbar spine and mobility of the thoracic spine.